Here at All Creatures Mobile Vet we are equipped for routine dentistry as well as most extraction services. We start with an exam to help determine the level of periodontal disease. Then we will compile an estimate for the services needed. Please be aware that we are not able to do a through oral exam until your pet is under anesthesia.

Once we arrive at your home for your pet’s dental appointment we come into your home and bring the patient out into our mobile unit. We will then do a pre-surgical exam and place an IV catheter for the procedure. Your pet will receive a pre-medication that will help relax your pet and control pain while under anesthesia. Once safely under your pet will be monitored and receive IV fluids to help maintain their blood pressure and for them to process the anesthesia. We will then examine the entire mouth, looking for broken teeth, loose teeth, oral tumors, gingival recession, pockets and other abnormalities. We will then start the cleaning process by ultrasonic scaling followed by hand scaling. It is important that your pet be asleep so we can clean under the gum line around each tooth. We will then remove any teeth that are loose, painful or causing a problem and  then polish the remaining teeth to remove any crevices left by the scaling instruments. Once your pet’s dental is complete we will wake them up from anesthesia and recover them in our mobile unit.

Once awake and stable we will bring them back into your home for some rest and observation. If they need medications we will go over them with you at this time.

Before           After

Before                                                                                       After


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