Vaccine Clinic Tomorrow 9/12/15

Come and join us for an exam/vaccine/microchip clinic at Pet Connection in Barrington tomorrow 9/12/15 from 10-2! First come first serve! We hope to see you there!



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Upcoming Vaccine Clinic!

We will be at Pet Connection Saturday September 12th from 10 am-2pm for wellness exams, vaccines and microchips! Come and check it out! It’s first come first serve.


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How do I brush my dogs teeth?

We are glad you asked! All dogs can benefit from daily brushing just like you and I! If you are having trouble or are interested in learning how this is the video for you. Vet Vid Dog Teeth Brushing

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Hot Dog!!!

Hi Everyone! We wanted to take the time to remind you that even 70 degrees is too hot to take your pet along in the car if you’re going to leave them in it alone. Temperatures in cars rise dramatically and cause heat stroke to our furry buddies! Dogs can die from heat stroke very quickly. Please be mindful of the temperature before you decide to take your pet along with you. It may just be better to leave them safe at home!



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Pet Food Label Answers Revealed!

Here’s the scoop!

1.) The ingredients on a bag of dog/cat food are in order of the PRE processing weight. Therefore if the first ingredient is chicken it is based on chicken that still contains water. It may very well not be what the food is mostly made up of once all ingredients are dehydrated! Also pet food companies have been listing different parts of ingredients separately so that they can list then farther down the ingredient list. This gives the appearance that there is not much of that ingredient, but in fact it could be the most prevalent.

If your pet food is labeled as “entree, dinner platter, recipe or formula” it only has to account for 25% of that diet and if it says for example “chicken and rice formula” chicken and rice TOGETHER have to make up 25% of that diet.

If your pet food is labeled as “with” something like “with beef” it only has to make up 3% of that diet. If it says “with beef, rice and carrots” all three items TOGETHER only have to make up 3% of that diet.

If your pet food is labeled as “flavor” for example, “beef flavor,” the only rule is that it must be recognizable to the pet……..Whatever that means!

2.) If your diet is Test Fed, that food has gone through testing and has been previously fed to “test” dogs. If your food is labeled as scientifically formulated, that company has never fed that food to real animals. They have created that formula based on what AAFCO says they need to have in a dog food.

3.) If your diet is FIXED that means that they can not change the formula at any time. If it is UNFIXED, then that company can legally change the formula for up to 6 months, without changing the label or informing you. This happens when a certain ingredient becomes cheaper than what they typically put in their food.This can cause serious gastrointestinal problems!

4.) The only regulation on a formula being labeled as reduced calorie, lite, light, or indoor is that it must be less calories than their original formula. That means it could be 1 calorie less!

5.) For a food to be labeled as organic with the USDA seal, it must contain at least 95% organic ingredients. If it has a state seal, then it must have 70-94% organic ingredients. If it has no seal but is labeled as organic it must have 1-69% organic ingredients.

6.) For a food to be labeled as all natural, the pet food must not contain any ingredients that have been chemically altered. These foods may have short expiration dates due to lack of preservatives.

7.) If your pet food is labeled human grade or holistic, there are NO regulations. There is no legal definitions for these terms and therefore, means nothing.

8.) Pet foods must be labeled as appropriate for a life stage, if it is a balanced diet that is safe long term. If it is labeled as all life stages, you are in fact feeding a puppy/kitten food to your pet. Pet food companies can only label a food as all life stages if it supports the neediest of the life stages. It is not appropriate to feed adult and senior dogs puppy food, they do not have the same nutritional requirements that growing puppies do. If there is no life stage on your food, then it must say for intermittent feeding. This means it is NOT a balanced diet and NOT safe for long term feeding. These foods are right on the shelf with regular diets so make sure you check!

9.) Feeding raw diet can be very dangerous for your pet and for you, the owner. Raw means contain bacteria and potential parasites that can harm you and your pet. Raw diet fed pets are often isolated in hospitals due to the risk of contamination with salmonella and e. coli. Some people believe that raw meats are good for pets, but more often then not they are not balanced appropriate diets. Dogs are NOT carnivores like cats are. Dogs are true omnivores and need an appropriate balanced diet.

10.) If you had to go to the website or literature to find information on your pet food, keep in mind that pet food companies can claim anything they want on these. AAFCO cannot regulate their claims on websites or literature, only on labels. Notice the information on the label and website may not match!

I hope this little Q&A was informative and I hope you have learned something about the foods you chose for your pet. If you took this test and now want to change your food, you know have the tools to make an educated choice! Always remember to transition over to a new food slowly so as not to upset your pet’s digestive tract!




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Pet Food Labels, deciphering the code!

Most people pick a pet food based on the packaging and what they “think” is a good food for their furry family member. The truth is there is a lot about a pet food label that most people don’t know! Do me a favor, grab your pet food bag, label or container and take this short quiz based on your pet’s food. If the answer to any of these questions is not on the pet food label then try their website. If you still can’t find it call the manufacturer.


Pet Food Quiz

1.) What are the top 5 ingredients in your pet food?
3.) Is the formula fo this diet FIXED or UNFIXED?
4.) Is your pet food label as lite, light, reduced calorie or indoor formula?
5.) Is your pet food labeled as ORGANIC?
-If yes, then does it have a USDA seal, State seal or no seal?
6.) Is your pet food labeled as ALL NATURAL?
7.) Is your pet food labeled as HUMAN GRADE or HOLISITIC?
8.) What life stage is your food labeled for? Puppy/Kitten, Adult, Senior, All life stages or intermittent feeding?
9.) Do you feed RAW diet?
10.) Did you find any of this information on the website or literature for this food?

Please write down your answers to these questions, information to interpret them to follow! Stay Tuned!
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How to help local animals in need!



Most of us see those sad pet ads and want to help those poor innocent animals. Now you can at a local level! Our office manager Jen has a Go Fund Me page dedicated to helping local animals in need. These are not all strays but peoples pets as well. These are animals who are in desperate need of veterinary care and whose owners might not be able to pay for ALL of it. This is not a hand out or a free pass but a helping hand. We try and make things more affordable for those in need. If you can donate today! Every dollar helps! Thank you!

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Massachusetts Home Veterinary Care Now Available!

Well the time has finally come that we are able to travel into Mass! We have had quite a few calls and so we went ahead and got our mass license so that we can accommodate those Massachusetts furry/feather and scaly friends! If you are in need of an appointment we are just a phone call or email away. 603-244-6098 or We hope you are as excited as are!



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Vaccines Clinics!

Hi Everyone! We will be at Pet Connection in Barrington on Sept. 27th from 12-4 pm for vaccine and microchip clinic! We will also be at Tractor Supply in Brentwood on October 18th 12-4 pm. If you or anyone you know is in need of low cost veterinary care come on down and see us! Thanks and have a great day!

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The start of school and Jen’s Vacation

Hello fellow animal lovers! It’s now that time of year when we start getting our “non” furry kids back to school. Don’t forget to keep up with your pet’s regular heart worm and flea and tick prevention during all the chaos. We are available for appointments from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday and weekends when available. Don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment or just to ask that question you’ve been meaning to ask, that’s what we are here for. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer. Jen will be on vacation from August 15th-August 24th and will not be able to help Dr. Curry with the phones so please be patient! She’s running the show this week phones and all! As always we love being able to care for your pets. Thank you!

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