-I wanted to take a minute to let  you know how grateful I am that  you were here for us when we needed you most. I called All Creatures Mobile on a Thursday morning due to my 131/2 year old Persian baby being at his end. We had all sat vigil the previous night hoping for the best yet, we all knew that he was in his last moments. I had not previously used Dr. Sarah yet, read the testimonials which helped in my decision to have them help during this most difficult process. Jen arranged for Dr. Sarah and Sara to be here within several hours. Jen continued to call and keep me updated on the arrival time which helped immensely.  As hard as it was knowing what was to come in the next few hours, I also knew that Ceasar would want to be wrapped in his blanket and in my arms as he left this earth. Dr. Sarah was compassionate, gentle, and completely understanding of how emotional this moment was. From the moment she arrived , she gently explained the process and understood the emotions that were clearly present. Dr. Sarah and Jen were so very careful and respectful of my feelings and needs for Ceasar.  Although, this was one of the most difficult moments as Ceasar had never been sick a day in his life, I knew I was doing the right thing. As he took his last breath, my heart smashed in a million pieces yet, he was at home and in my arms where he should have been. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Sarah and her staff. They also followed through after Ceasar was gone and understood how difficult this time was. I then received a beautiful card in the mail from the staff which meant the world to all of us. I highly recommend Dr. Sarah for any of your fur babies needs even if it is in those last moments. I couldn’t have asked for more from the first call through bringing home his ashes. I can only hope that she knows how grateful I will always be that she was there and she allowed me to send Ceasar to the rainbow bridge with dignity and love. Thank you Dr. Sarah!!


-Dr. Curry offers an amazing, and necessary service for animals and their people in our area. Last week, I had to make the heart breaking call to Dr. Curry to have our 12 year old Shepherd, Theo put to rest. Dr. Curry realized the urgency of our decision and made every effort to come to our house that day, within a few-hours, actually, to alleviate any further suffering of our greatly loved pet, and us, as well. The decision is never an easy one, but once we, as owners, knew the time had come to say good bye, every extra hour of waiting made the decision that much more difficult. Dr. Curry was professional, compassionate and sensitive to our needs as well as Theo’s. His passing was peaceful and loving, in his own home, surrounded by those he loved and who loved him. I will be forever grateful to her for this wonderful service she provides.

Cindy Jesse Barnes

-Two and a half years ago my pitbull that weighed as much as I do became unable to go up and down the stairs. I found “All Creatures Mobile” online and made an appointment. Cajun our precious pitbull who was hardly moving, got right up and walked over to meet Dr. Sarah Curry. It’s very obvious when you meet her and Jen how much they love animals. We lost our pitbull to old age, but he was comfortable, cared for and loved right to the finish. Now, just a couple of weeks ago our other dog had been acting weird. He got worse, could barely walk and again made an appointment. After being seen, diagnosed and treated he’s back to his hyper fun loving self. Also, let me add… Their services in my experience are more affordable than the local vet hospital and they come to you!

Most Gratefully,
Cherie LaCourse

-15 months ago we rescued a “7 yo” rottie. Her face is grey and she had no fur from her mid spine to her heels.
She was infested with fleas and stunk to high heaven.
Sarah Curry came to our house and examined her, she weighed 65 lbs, so sad.
But with Dr. Sarah’s help and lots of lovin, Ice has all her beautiful black fur, no fleas and weighs 135 lbs.
Thank you All Creatures Mobile Vet. House calls rule.
Laurie Connolly

-Dr. Curry and the staff at all creatures mobile veterinary unit are angels. I have a Shar-Pei named Sully, Who is not friendly and does not like to be touched by others especially not vets. Sarah and her team have come to his rescue many times. Sarah and her team worked hard for a while to find out what was going on with Sully including doing research and reaching out to a Shar-Pei specialist. Sarah is always willing and able to problem solve and help me out with Sully. She now goes to examine Sully at his doggie daycare where he tolerates being examined. I don’t know what I would do without Dr. Curry and all creatures mobile veterinary unit. They go above and beyond!!!! Although Sully does not show it, he loves and appreciates all you do for making him feel better


-We have worked with Dr Sarah Curry for over 2 years. She is a true professional with a very personal touch. My 3 dogs think it’s a special occasion when she comes to visit and love seeing her.
We appreciate her wealth of knowledge, her tenacity in dealing with difficult diagnosis, her willingness to listen to our ideas, and her comfort and support during end of life decisions.
All Creatures Mobile Veterinary support staff are wonderful as well. We are lucky to have such wonderful care for our pets.
The O’Donnell Family

-We want to thank Dr. Curry and her team for taking such good care of our baby Chevy. After every other vet have up on him. You were able to do his surgery and give us another year with him. You were so kind to him even with all of his issues. We are also so grateful for your comfort in his passing. Chevy loved seeing Dr. Curry and always greeted her with slobbering bulldog kisses. Thanks so much for all you do.

 —with Tom Black.

-Sarah set me at ease right away the first time she came to my house to put down my cat. After losing yet another best friend (human) a few days before, i was pretty emotional. Now i have two new kitties who are a little older and it seems we see each other more often than not for minor problems. Sarah and crew have been great with always a follow up call. All this and beyond reasonable prices!


-We raise Toulouse geese. Mike and Molly were our first.
Mike was showing some difficulty walking and standing on his left foot. Dr Curry came over to see what she could do although she had no experience with water foul.
She gave him ant inflammatories and that seemed to work, but after 1 wek off the meds, poor Mike seemed worse.
She came back with Cat, the took Mike to the mobile office for an xray.
He is quite a character as he got a massage from Cat, Dr Curry did not see any deformities. She put him back on the anti inflammatories and an antibiotic.
Today Mike has 5 children.that he protects and guides through life.
Thank you, you two saved my Mikey.

-I was so happy to find a vet who made house calls this past Summer.
Both my cat and dog were seen here at home where they are very happy and even though I have yet to meet the vet like my pets did,  the workers I did meet did a wonderful job on another occasion.
Thanks again!

JT and Rhythm Miller

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  1. Dani says:

    I came to the testimonial page to post how I was feeling after meeting Dr Sarah and Jen today when they came to our house to put to rest our 20 year old cat, Linus. As I read the first post by Cindy, it perfectly summarized what I was feeling. After a long three day holiday weekend, I so appreciated Dr Sarah and Jen fitting us into their schedule as their first stop of the day. They do their jobs with such grace. I can’t thank them enough for their compassion and sensitive care of both me and Linus. With a grateful heart, Dani

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