Dr. Sarah Curry

SCurry-pics2a-drcurryDr Sarah Curry grew up on the north shore of Massachusetts, reading James Herriot and dreaming of becoming a veterinarian or a farmer. She received her undergraduate degree from Carleton College in Minnesota, then spent some time in the Midwest before moving to Australia to travel and take some classes.  The journey ended five years later with the completion of her veterinary degree at the University of Melbourne in Victoria.

After returning to the United States in 2005, Dr. Curry first worked as a general practitioner and then as an emergency clinician.  She started All Creatures Mobile Vet in 2012, with the purchase of the 30 foot mobile surgical unit.  She enjoys being able to serve animal lovers in their homes, as well as provide veterinary support to multiple animal rescue groups and shelters.  Dr. Curry has a particular love for sled dog medicine and has worked as a trail veterinarian in northern Maine, Minnesota and Montana.

Our Veterinary Practice
All Creatures Mobile Veterinary Service is able to work with a wide variety of clients in the pet community through the unique nature of house calls. We focus completely on our clients and their pets, providing high quality veterinary care in their home. This allows us to grow strong relationships with our clients and work with you to develop individualized treatment plans. Every animal is different, and each treatment plan should reflect an animal’s age, disease risk and current health status. For example, an elderly dog that no longer goes to dog parks or in public requires different medical care than a young energetic, outgoing puppy. We can work with you to understand your animal’s needs and environment and to do what is best for YOUR pet; not provide a standardized “cookie-cutter” approach to veterinary care than may not make sense for your pet.
We also provide much-needed veterinary care to local animal rescue services including health certificates, veterinary medicine and spay/neuter services. We also offer affordable vaccine clinics and spay/neuter clinics in convenient locations throughout our house call coverage areas. 

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