Pet Food Labels! Deciphering the code!

Pet food labels are VERY deceiving……

Most people pick a pet food based on the packaging and what they “think” is a good food for their furry family member. The truth is there is a lot about a pet food label that most people don’t know! Do me a favor, grab your pet food bag, label or container and take this short quiz based on your pet’s food. If the answer to any of these questions is not on the pet food label then try their website. If you still can’t find it call the manufacturer.

Pet Food Quiz

1.) What are the top 5 ingredients in your pet food?
3.) Is the formula fo this diet FIXED or UNFIXED?
4.) Is your pet food label as lite, light, reduced calorie or indoor formula?
5.) Is your pet food labeled as ORGANIC?
-If yes, then does it have a USDA seal, State seal or no seal?
6.) Is your pet food labeled as ALL NATURAL?
7.) Is your pet food labeled as HUMAN GRADE or HOLISITIC?
8.) What life stage is your food labeled for? Puppy/Kitten, Adult, Senior, All life stages or intermittent feeding?
9.) Do you feed RAW diet?
10.) Did you find any of this information on the website or literature for this food?

Please write down your answers to these questions, information to interpret them to follow! Stay Tuned!
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