Pet Dental Cleanings and why they are crucial to their health!

Good morning everyone! We have had a few people ask why dental cleanings are so important to their pet’s health so we thought we would give you some answers! Your pet’s poor oral health has the same health risks that your oral health does! If you have periodontal disease bacteria can easily spread throughout your body and cause real damage! It can cause kidney, liver and even heart problems.

When we provide a dental cleaning we are removing all of that harmful bacteria, plaque, tartar from your pet’s teeth and from up under their gum line. Not only will your pet’s teeth look better but they will smell better and be healthier all at the same time! We also polish their teeth which is very important after they are scaled. If you scale your pet’s teeth without polishing you are creating tiny grooves in the teeth that are perfect places for plaque and bacteria to immediately start adhering to.

There are a lot of dental sprays that claim to clean your pet’s teeth but those can be harmful to your pet and do not clean up under the gum line where the real damage is happening. Once tartar and bacteria start to creep up on the gum line and under it, it starts to push the gums back and cause bone loss. This eventually leads to oral pain and tooth loss. Periodontal disease is not reversible so making sure to prevent it is the best approach. We also have some clients that have their groomer brush their pet’s teeth every 6 weeks when they are groomed. This is a great idea but brushing needs to be done everyday to be effective just like you and I!

Check out one of our before and after picture to see how amazing the transformation can be!

Before     After


Please feel free to call with any questions and schedule your pet’s appointment to have their teeth checked today! 603-244-6098

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